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If you would like to give The River Blackwater at Swallowfield a try please get in touch with Andrew Nichols the Membership Secretary on 07729 606345 or email fadasangling@gmail.com.


Access to the River Blackwater at Swallowfield O.S.Sheet 186 Start 741 634 (Road Bridge) End 730 647 (Approx.- Road bridge) Main car Parking – Riseley Farm – SU7325 6375 RG7 1TB

as it is off road. Please do not park on the verges at the Confluence end of the stretch.


From wherever and assuming you are south of A30, Reach A30 and proceed to A30/A327 junction Other car parking –


At the start of the footpath at the backstream end –Caution –This is roadside & so may be vulnerable. There have in the past been incidents of damage to cars etc. The farm is far more secure (789585), this is the first crossroads west of BlackBushe airport. Take the A327 towards Reading and in 2.0 miles, having passed Eversley church on the left reach a crossroads and turn left. Proceed for a further 2.0miles to reach a road junction and phone box. Turn right into the lane. Note- If you reach the Hatchgate Pub you have overshot. Continue along lane- winding and narrow (CARE) for 1.3 miles to reach ford (on right, you do not turn into the ford) and 90º bend, continue over bridge (RAE water starts here, left bank when looking down stream.) 0.8mile from bridge, bearing right at all minor junctions reach Riseley farm on the right. Entrance is immediately after lay by. Park on the right by open shed. Take care not to obstruct the drive as both large farm machinery and horse boxes use the drive. PLEASE DISPLAY THE PARKING PERMIT IN YOUR WINDSCREEN WHEN PARKING AT RISELEY FARM – THIS MEASURE HAS BEEN BROUGHT IN TO IMPROVE SECURITY FOR BOTH ANGLERS & FOR THE FARM


From Farm to River.

Proceed along concrete road to left of red brown building. Pass through little gate which is part of electronic remote control system. Close gate behind you. Straight ahead see field gate, Pass the farmhouse. Note: You may be met by two dogs which make a lot of noise & but are friendly and do not bite. Proceed through the field gate, fasten securely with ALL LATCHES. Cross field – approx. 200 yards and reach a metal gate – go through and fasten and secure. Follow narrow field down to the river. This approx. mid-stretch so there is about 800 –900 yards each way for fishing.

Heading up stream

Avoid fishing near overhead power cables. You will reach the confluence of the Rivers Blackwater and Whitewater, fishing continues to the first road bridge on the River Whitewater.

Heading Downstream

Avoid fishing near overhead power cables. Main river fishing available to point at which backstream leaves river. Backstream fishing available downstream of footbridge (Not in Weir pool) for approx. 300 yards to the boundary ditch about 25 yards from clearly visible road bridge. Note – access to the backstream can be jungle like, particularly in the summer when 6 foot + nettles will be encountered.

Baits – No restriction.

RAE AC recommends barbless hooks and avoiding retaining large fish, particularly barbel in keepnets. Barbel should be returned to the water with care to ensure they have recovered sufficiently to swim away. Hold them upright facing upstream to recover if necessary. Fish – Chub (to over 6lb), Barbel (fish in excess of 12lb have been caught in club matches), bream, carp (to over 16lb), roach, dace, perch, Gudgeon, pike, eels, bleak, trout, and a good number of tench have been caught recently.


Please ensure you fasten all gates and take care. This is a working farm and often stock will be grazing do not leave tackle unattended. Do not leave litter, food remains etc. Keep to field edges to avoid damage to crops. At the start of the 2020 season there are likely to be cattle in the fields although they may be restricted to one half.



Weed cutters – there are a couple of throw type weed cutters in the fenced enclosure as you reach the river from the farm. Please free to use them if you are confident to do so, please remember they are sharp and secure the rope before throwing. If you choose to use them it is at your own responsibility. Do please return them after use.

Please be aware that this is a natural river and that there is likely to be deep water close to the river’s edge and that the banks can have deep and slippery mud so please take care but do enjoy your fishing at Swallowfield. I would appreciate it if you let me know of any unusual catches, specimen fish or any concerns you have


There cattle grazing in the fields all through from the backstream fence right through to the Whitewater. They are likely to be inquisitive so do keep an eye on your tackle.


Riseley Farm has a number of horses stabled which are ridden on the mowed paths beside the river and around some of the fields. Please ensure your gear does not block these horse riding paths - they make our access to the river easier, but they are provided for the horses. Similarly do not hide yourself away too well as the horses can be spooked if they come across unexpected anglers


If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact Robert West the Secretary for R.A.E Angling Club on 01252 655 651 or robert.west@ntlworld.com.