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Shawfields Big Lake (Ash)

Set in a sleepy corner of Ash and backing on to the river Blackwater, Shawfields Big Lake was originally part of the Willow Park complex.  This lake has deep channels and lots of islands left over from earlier days as gravel pits, and offers some superb fishing in beautiful surroundings- in fact the words "unpoilt" and "stunning" are often used to describe it by new members for the first time.

One of the main and most attractive features of Shawfields Lake is the abundance of lily-pads, which occasionally require a modest cull as they grow enthusiastically,  and the numerous islands- all of which are great to fish to.

This lovely water contains carp in excess of 20lbs. (As yet no "30s" have yet to be reported- but it's probably just a question of time), tench to around 6lbs, a head of crucians if you can find them, plenty of bream, roach and perch and rudd.  This water offers something for all types of anglers not just carp fishermen, and just about any angler can have a really memorable day's fishing here.

Since summer 2017 the lake has seen a substantial increase in weed growth- which the

EA themselves have acknowledged to be a very positive sign in terms of the numbers and size of fish, and their chances of breeding success.

Despite no actual on-site parking,  parking has never been a problem for our members visiting Shawfields Lake; however, we do insist that you park considerately, and not block residents access, we ask that you do not park on the corner of field way, as double decker buses often use this road.  Thank you for your kind consideration in this regard.

Easton Road access, click map below to start directions.