Farnborough & District
Angling Society

River Blackwater

In December 2018 FADAS acquired exclusive rights to fish and manage a 1km stretch of the legendary River Blackwater. Soon-to-be applied signage will indicate that this stretch of Surrey and Hampshire's most prolific small river extends from the A30 bridge by The Meadows in Blackwater village, upstream to the first gate on the towpath.  This section of river will be subject to the scrutiny of FADAS bailiffs as well as being the recipient of several improvements to swims during the "close season" starting mid-March 2019.

Species most abundant are roach, but chubb, dace, perch, bream and even barbel as well as the odd carp are present.  There is ample free parking along and off Admiralty Way near Gravity Force Trampoline Park. We look forward to your catch report and photos in the coming 12 months!


Member of the Committee Ken Joslin has a book out call Bread Punch Fishing.

Bread Punch Fishing Diaries covers all aspects of bread punch fishing, from the theory, preparation of bait and feed, plus equipment needed to embark on this fascinating technique. Secrets gleaned over many successful years of fishing the punch are revealed in a no nonsense style, while the illustrated diaries demonstrate, that the author Ken Joslin, can put theory into practice.


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