Farnborough & District
Angling Society


Membership of FADAS

Farnborough and District Angling Society offers a real value-for-money membership package. For just a small fee every season you can enjoy some of the richest fishing in the area.  FADAS offers almost 6 miles of prime river fishing and several lakes. For more information about the waters click here.

Rates for 2023 - 2024

For a small sum you can join the Farnborough & District Angling Society for the 2023-2024 fishing season.

Please note memberships brought now will start from 1st June 2023, Fly-Fishing permits brought now will start from 1st April 2023.

You can now Join Online! follow the simple steps below and pay securely online via STRIPE. Alternatively you can still join by post - print out the membership form, fill it in and send it along with a cheque to the address at the foot of the form. Download Membership form (PDF format)

How to Join FADAS Online

1. create your own FADAS account by clicking GET STARTED at the bottom of this page

2. Enter all your details on screen and then select the membership option you require.

3. Make payment securely via STRIPE

4. That's it! You are all set and now a member of Farnborough And District Angling Society.

5. You can now download the app onto your phone and log into your account so you always have your membership details with you.

6. Gate codes will be on the homepage of the clubmate app, along with a digital copy of the handbook.

7. You will receive your membership card via the post in the coming weeks, you do not need to wait for this before you go fishing, either keep a record of your membership number or have the app ready to show a bailiff. they will be able to check it from the bank.




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