Farnborough & District
Angling Society

Membership of FADAS

Farnborough and District Angling Society offers a real value-for-money membership package. For just a small fee every season you can enjoy some of the richest fishing in the area.  FADAS offers almost 6 miles of prime river fishing and several lakes. For more information about the waters click here.

Rates for 2021-2022

For the small sum below you can join the Farnborough & District Angling Society for the 2021-2022 fishing season.

You can now Join Online! Choose your membership option below and pay securely online via PayPal. Alternatively you can join by post - simply print out the membership form, fill it in and send it along with a cheque to the address at the foot of the form. Download Membership form (PDF format)

How to Join FADAS Online

1. Choose your membership type in the list below.

2. If you are a new member please choose "New Member" from the dropdown menu. This will add a one off joining fee of £15 to your membership.

3. If you require a Fly fishing permit for the River Whitewater please scroll down to the bottom part of the list and select the appropriate membership option.

4. Click the relevant BUY NOW button to purchase securely on Pay Pal's website (you don't need a PayPal account to pay with a credit/debit card)

5. When successful, you will be shown an online membership form.
Please complete this form and submit straight away to complete your online application, PLEASE NOTE WHEN COMPLETING THE MEMBERSHIP FORM, IT NEEDS TO BE FILLED OUT WITH THE PERSONS DETIALS YOU WISH TO BE NAMED ON THE PERMIT.  

Membership Options

Membership TypePrice 
Intermediate 16-19 yrs£30
Senior Citizen / Disabled£37
Junior (Under 16)(Fishing without an adult)£25
Family - 1 Adult, 1 Child(Children under 16)£67
Family 1 Adult, 2 Children(Children under 16)£82
Family 1 Adult, 3 Children(Children under 16)£97
Family - 2 Adults, 1 Child(Children under 16)£97
Family - 2 Adults, 2 Children(Children under 16)£112
Family - 2 Adults, 3 Children(Children under 16)£127
Adult Membership Plus Fly Fishing Permit£117.00
Intermediate 16-19 yrs Membership Plus Fly Fishing Permit£95.00
Senior Citizen / Disabled Membership Plus Fly Fishing Permit£102.00
Junior (Under 16) Membership Plus Fly Fishing Permit£90.00