Farnborough & District
Angling Society

FADAS committee have been working hard on your behalf to bring you the best fishing experience possible at a more-than-fair price.  We never lose sight of our over-riding goal: to keep members happy.  Membership numbers are well above previous years, yet still out waters never get crowded or over-fished.  Perfect!

Last year we undertook substantial tree/shrub/overgrowth removal work on both Shawfield Lakes.  Thanks to Dave, Tony, Peter and particularly Chris the Chainsaw King for a tremendous amount of very hard graft.  If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse Chris is the man I would stand behind!  Both lakes now get more sunlight, more wind and in the case of the small lake.. more fish (see below).

The small lake has received a boost in the form of a Siltex-type additive (twice) and a major tree removal program in addition to bank-side “undergrowth” removal.  The main island has been cleared which was a gargantuan job by Dave, Tony and Peter.  Best of all, the lake has received a big dose of “silvers” and perch, and 32 (4-6lb) top quality carp, all of which adds to whatever was in there before- roach, rudd, tench, crucians, pike and a handful of (mid-teens) carp.

Andy our Membership Sectretary, pretty much single-handedly, got FADAS a very nice stretch of the legendary River Blackwater, and negotiations about another water we plan on acquiring are in progress.  Stunning result!

In addition (there can’t surely be even more I here you cry!) our new website was constructed from scratch by Stingray Studio and most of its content written by your news reporter and wordsmith Mark Farren who also updated the FADAS logo design.  The site includes a fresh modern look and the ability to join our club instantly using PAYPAL.  Very 21st Century!

Whereas before we had a dedicated club phone number and PO Box, we now have a web contact form, club email address (fadasangling@gmail.com) and a Facebook page.

Finally– permits for this year (2019-2020) are now being sold out of Fish 4 Tackle in Ash.  Proprietor Andy looks forward to seeing you in the shop, whether you need a FADAS permit, top quality second-hand & new fishing tackle.. or both!