Farnborough & District
Angling Society

Society Rules General

  1. Coarse fishing on society rivers will only take place between 16th June and 14th March inclusive. there is no closed season on society Stillwater's. The society's permit runs from 1st April until 31st March.
  2. River Whitewater top section between Weir and Hategate Bridge will be closed to coarse angling from 16th June until 1st October inclusive.
  3.  Members are subject to all Environment Agency byelaws and a valid EA rod licence must be carried on all society waters at all times. Any angler not able to produce a valid licence will not be permitted to fish society waters. Any subsequent summons from the EA will result in that person being banned from Society waters and their membership forfeited.
  4. When on Society waters members must carry with them, at all times, proof of membership. Any person not in possession of their membership book will be classed as a non-member and will have to purchase a guest ticket or leave the water.
  5. Any disputes arising between members that cannot be settled amicably should be referred to the committee, whose decision and ruling will be final.
  6.  Any member wishing to bring charges against another member must do so in writing to the secretary who will bring the matter to the attention of the committee.
  7.  Any member carrying a shotgun, air riffle or any firearm or bow of any kind on society waters without committee approval will be expelled from the Society.
  8.  No alcohol or non-prescribed drugs of any kind are permitted on Society waters. No persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol are permitted on Society waters. Permits will be withdrawn and will be referred to the management committee for disciplinary action to be taken.
  9.  No member of the Society of their guests shall seek publicity through local or national press in any matter relating to the Society, the officers of the Society or Society waters without first gaining written consent of the secretary or committee.
  10.  Society waters are available for fishing only. No picnics, camping, lighting of fires, swimming, boating or the use of any music producing appliances without earphones is permitted.
  11.  Only members, their 'guests' or persons attending Society business are allowed onto Society waters. ( The term 'Guest' only includes those fishing with a valid guest ticket.)
  12. All fish taken on Society waters must be returned alive.
  13. Members will not use any bait or lure which is prescribed by the waters authority and Environment Agency as ' non permitted '
  14. Any member found damaging property or interfering with livestock, including game will be expelled from the Society.
  15. Any member found fishing in a prohibited area will be expelled from the Society.
  16. All joining fees from new adult members are to be transferred to the water purchase fund.
  17. A Bailiff may request lines to be reeled in to enable inspection of end tackle.
  18. All members as well as Bailiffs have a right to request anglers to produce their membership book which must be carried at all times on Society waters.
  19.  Any member or guest fishing Society waters will be responsible for collecting and removing any litter present in their swim and the margins upon their arrival, and at the time of vacation. Any member found in breach of this rule will have the offence entered in their membership book and the memberhip withdrawn by the Bailiff on the second offence. The matter will then be referred to the management committee for disciplinary action to be taken.
  20.  Where a match is booked on Society water, that water must be clear of all anglers at least two hours prior to the drawing of pegs. Any member wishing to fish after the draw has taken place should seek permission from the match organiser, and on permission being given from the match organiser, must only fish where the organiser agrees to.
  21.  The transferring of fish between Society waters or any waters is not permitted. ( Environment Agency Regulation.)
  22. Only barbless or micro barbed hooks to be used when fishing Society waters, including spinners, plugs and treble hooks where one barb may be left to retain the bait. ( see rule 6 of pike fishing.)
  23. All members must have a landing net of adequate size assembled ready for use when fishing Society waters.
  24.  No fish to be laid directly onto the bank especially when fishing for Carp and Pike where an unhooking mat must be used at all times.
  25. A maximum of two rods only to be used at any one time when fishing Society waters.
  26. Only sack-bottomed type keep nets of 18" minimum diameter, and a minimum length of 8 feet to be used on Society waters.
  27. No dogs are allowed on Society waters unless under control.
  28. When fishing the waters of another Society, members must abide by the rules of that Society.
  29. No angler is to leave rods unattended with lines in the water at any time. Swims should not remain unattended for longer than 15 minutes.
  30. All forms of fixed weight are prohibited on Society waters.
  31. Any member found guilty of defecating on a Society venue will be expelled from the Society.
  32. The use of boats and bait boats is prohibited.

Night Fishing Rules

  1.  Night fishing is permitted on all pits and the River Loddon.
  2.  Fishing is permitted for a maximum continuous period of 48 hours, with NO return to the water within 48 hours.
  3.  Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to fish at night unless accompanied by a member over the age of 18, who will be responsible for their conduct, and must occupy the same or adjacent swim.
  4.  No fish to be kept in a keep net or sack for longer than 5 hours except in a match.

Carp Fishing Rules

  1.  No braided main line.
  2.  Main line must have a maximum line strength of 15lb.
  3.  A landing net of 36" arms must be assembled at all times and a suitable un-hooking mat available.
  4.  No cutting point or bent hooks are permitted.
  5.  Beach casting methods are not permitted.
  6.  Do not stand up while holding a fish for photographs or any other reason.
  7.  No angler is to cast their line more than half way across the lake.
  8.  See also baits rule 1.


Pike Fishing Rules

  1.  Pike fishing by lure only is to be allowed from 16th June until 1st October after which dead bait may be used until 14th March each season.
  2.  Line of a minimum breaking strain of 12lbs must be used at all times.
  3.  A wire trace of 18" minimum length must be used with a minimum breaking strain of 20lbs.
  4.   A landing net with arms of not less than 36" must be assembled at all times.
  5.  A un-hooking mat and 10" forceps must be used.
  6.  All treble hooks must be barbless or semi barbed ( one barb for holding bait.) No hook larger than size 1 to be used.
  7.  Pike gaffs and gags are not to be used.
  8.  NO live bait to be used at ANY time.


  1.  All baits may be used when fishing Society waters including hemp and sweetcorn with the exception of beans, nuts and pulses. These may only be used with the permission of the Secretary or Head Bailiffs and must be written in the membership book and signed annually.
  2.  NO live baits are permitted at ANY time.
  3.  No pre-baiting of swims is permitted.

Fly Fishing On The River Whitewater

  1.  Fly fishing permitted from 1st April to 15th June from the electric pylon fence immediately above the top weir downstream to the junction of the river Blackwater. From 16th June to 30th September fly fisherman may fish from the electric pylon fence immediately above the top weir downstream to the hatch gate bridge. From 16th June to 30th September fly fisherman may fish from the hatch gate bridge downstream to the junction of the river Blackwater, but nothing this shared with coarse anglers who must be given priority access during this period. Fly fishing season 1st April to 30th September inclusive.
  2.  The River Whitewater is located north west of Hartley Wintney. Please refer to the map within this permit.
  3.  No access unless in possession of a valid membership permit.
  4.  Members must clearly display their vehicle FADAS club logo pass at all times before accessing the river.
  5.  Vehicle parking available only in designated areas marked 'P' on the map.
  6.  Hatchagate Car park - park at 90 degrees to the road to enable full car park capacity for all.
  7.  Hatchgate access - Close to the bridge/river only, not into neighbouring land/property.
  8.  members must not park on neighbouring farmland properties.
  9. Please keep to the river course when accessing the river, do not at any time stray, and avoid completely farming crops. Shut all gates. Ensure electric fences are keep operational.
  10. NO day or guest tickets.
  11.  Members are required to act as bailiffs and check for valid memberships.
  12.  All farms that border our river are our friends. Please do not do anything that can be misconstrued to upset the farmers, and respect their requests at all times.
  13. Under 18 year olds who are members must be accompanied ( within 20ft at all times.) by the responsible adult who is also a member.
  14. Upstream fly fishing only.
  15.  Strictly catch and release of all fish.
  16.  One hook only.
  17.  Fly and nymph only.
  18.  Max hook size 12
  19.  All hooks to be barbless, confirm by woolly jumper test prior to use.
  20.  wading maybe required in some areas, but please keep to minimum. ( To avoid disturbance to invertebrates and habitat.)
  21.  Fishing and access dawn to dusk only, as defined by Greenwich meantime.
  22.  All litter whether is be yours or not to be collected and taken home.
  23.  Remove leader line and hooks from banks or when snagged in trees to prevent danger to associated wildlife.
  24.  Mobile phones, whilst these can be useful items of equipment in their place. we would like to remind members to maintain the riverside peace and tranquillity for the benefit of others. Phone ringtones should be on silent ( I.E vibrate.) and associated mobile phones noise or conversation should be kept at a low volume.


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